Slawomir Marczak

Principal Therapist

Slawomir Marczak Synergised Fitness Principal Therapist

Synergised Fitness founder Slawomir Marczak is a Soft Tissue Therapist, Corrective Exercise Specialist and Sports and Exercise Nutritionist. He has been therapist/consultant  since 2010.

He specialises in helping clients regain full physical capabilities after overuse or occupational injuries. This includes addressing long term, chronic pain and stress throughout in depth kinetic analysis, integration and corrective exercise programmes.

His evidence-based approach to therapies can include trigger point release, active stretching, neuro-muscular assessment, soft tissue release and hands on deep tissue massage. He helps clients to establish a home care recovery programmes with which they might self-manage and self-treat pains and discomforts.

Slawomir has also been working with numerous semi-professional and recreational athletes as nutritional consultant. He takes great care in analysing nutritional habits and by using educational sessions  he helps clients to  understand relation between health, food and energy. He encourages clients to set their own goals, create step-by-step strategies to achieve them and focuses on self nourishment and growth rather than dieting.

In his spare time Slawomir greatly enjoys swimming, running and functional training. He also teaches and actively participates in Body Pump, Hydro Rider, Kettle bells, Circuit and Box Fit classes in numerous gyms around Coventry. On weekends and weekdays during football season he enjoys providing soft tissue therapy and nutritional services to Coventry United Football Club.

To find out more about Slawomir’s experience and education follow this link to LinkedIn.

Synergised Fitness at Coventry United Football Club



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